When to Use the Passive Voice

In the active voice the subject of the sentence performs the action. In the passive voice the subject is acted upon.  The active voice requires fewer words and tracks how people think. Passive: This contract may be terminated at any time by either party on thirty day’s written notice to the other party.  (20 Words). Active: Either […]

What is Cohen’s Law?

Cohen’s Law states that when a lawyer makes an argument to a judge or jury, the lawyer’s persuasiveness peaks one minute into the argument and then drops sharply such that the longer the lawyer speaks the closer the level of persuasiveness comes to approaching zero. I had sensed this intuitively from decades of trial work, […]

Recipe for Cohen Slaw

Recipe for Cohen Slaw: When I went to full-time private practice in 2003 I wanted the domain name Cohenlaw, but some lawyers in Pennsylvania had that, so I took Cohenslaw instead. It worked well because while serving as a Municipal Judge in Boulder I had invented “Cohen’s Law.” (See graphic above). However, ever since then, […]