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Areas Of Practice

I believe the distinction between litigation and transactional work, made at many firms, is often artificial.

An experienced contract law attorney based in Boulder, I know that contract litigation is almost always the result of poor drafting, an insufficient investigation, an incomplete negotiation or some combination of those.

Often the dispute could have been avoided had the parties realized the importance of proper drafting of the contract and any related legal  documents. I serve clients in Denver and throughout Colorado.

I also serve out-of-state and overseas clients.

I emphasize and have expertise in the practice areas listed below

While I emphasize these areas this is not all I do.  As new clients come to me, I learn their needs and develop new niches. 

If you or your organization face a legal issue and you are not sure whether it fits within my practice areas, please call me at (303) 638-3410.  If I cannot assist you, I will try to provide you with the names of lawyers and law firms I believe may be able to help you.