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Plain English
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Co-Counsel & Mentor

I have conducted over 100 jury trials with expertise in areas of law that include contract law, business litigation, real estate litigation, boundary and access disputes, corporate veil issues, home inspection law, and plain English drafting. I enjoy working with other lawyers in cases where my experience and expertise may be useful.

Other lawyers frequently consult with or ask me to serve as co-counsel in cases involving these issues. My knowledge of corporate veil law can help other lawyers collect debts owed to their clients and to defend attempts to pierce the corporate veil. I wrote the Proof of Facts article on piercing the corporate veil.  See, 45 POF3d 1.  I have also served as co-counsel in cases where what initially appeared to be straightforward litigation became more complex.   

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I am an accomplished writer.  I authored six articles for the Am.Jur. Proof of Facts series.  My first mystery, The Fractal Murders, was published by Time/Warner and became a Book Sense® Top Ten Mystery selection.  My second mystery, Bluetick Revengewon praise from authors that included Kinky Friedman.

I won second place in the 2004 SEAK National Legal Fiction Writing Competition.  One of my interests is the use of Plain English rather than legal jargon, and I speak frequently on that topic.  I founded the nonprofit Plain English Institute.  I studied logic and philosophy at the graduate level, and I am member of the Institute for General Semantics.

Because of my writing ability, other lawyers often ask me to review and edit legal documents, motions, and briefs, and I love doing this. Too often lawyers attempt to respond to lengthy and complex document with their own lengthy and complex document. 

The issues are usually less complex than opposing counsel asserts.  Time and again the ability to get straight to the point and to communicate clearly pays dividends for clients.  


I have been fortunate to do many things in my 38-year legal career. I have practiced law in many settings.  I have “wisdom born of pain.”  Even if a lawyer does not want to work with me as co-counsel, I enjoy consulting with other lawyers on substantive legal issues.

It took a while, but eventually I learned how to enjoy my practice, and I enjoy talking with other lawyers about that and sharing what I have learned about the business side of practicing law.

If you are a lawyer with a case or issue where you think I may be able to help, or if you just want to brainstorm, please call me at (303) 638-3410 or email me at   I am always delighted to talk with other lawyers at no charge.