Recipe for Cohenslaw

Recipe for Cohenslaw

When I returned to full-time private practice in 2003 I wanted the domain name Cohenlaw, butsome lawyers in Pennsylvania had that, so I took Cohenslaw instead. It worked well becausewhile serving as a Municipal Judge in Boulder I had invented “Cohen’s Law.” (See image). However, ever since then, about once a month, somebody makes a […]

John Denver – The First Rap Musician

I am 56 years old. I like 60’s and 70’s rock and old, twangy country. I don’t like rap. I’ve alwaysassociated rap with thumping loudspeakers, inner city gangs, and songs that vilify the police orglorify violence to women.Those who study the history of rap often trace modern rap back to the south Bronx in the […]

My Trip to Anguish Lake

Attorney Mark Cohen tells his experience about his trip to Anguish Lake where he fished where nobody else had fished in years. The end will shock you!